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The SpyCam is back!  
Check out what I'm doing
at home. Working all the time, even in these perilous times.

For a greatest hits of the spycam, check this out!

Number of nemeses vanquished since the dawn of time:


The #1 All-Time Nemesis is: Tom Chappell
I haven't been hanging out with Tom Chappell too much, so I'm making him an honorary nemesis.

Other Nemesis:
- Rob Fan
- Eddie Rose
- Bryan Baum
- Amelie Lorenzini

Nemesis Quotes:
"Never take advice from your nemesis." - Tom Chappell
"Never sleep in a small tent with your nemesis." - Tom Chappell

Other Links:
Amelie Lorenzini
Our new daughter was born March 2, 2004, a few days early. Check out her very own web site here.

Roatan Adventure
In October 2002, we spent a week scuba diving in Roatan, Honduras. It's an island off the coast of Honduras in the Caribbean. It was very remote and great to dive.

Italy Adventure
Our Italian Adventure has ended, but the pictures are still around.  From April 1 to June 18, 1999 Naomi and I studied Italian in Siena, and you can see the blow-by-blow here. It's very cool to be able to take off three months to do this. We're looking forward to yearly adventures back there to explore more of Europe.

Current Development Projects
- Networked MP3 Encoder

Past Development Projects
The Ultimate Wallpaper Changer
CheckIt NetOptimizer

Other Happenings
Solvang Century
The Bathroom Remodel

Check out Naomi Kite Surfing!

The home page

The Joseph Campbell Foundation
Mythology, among other things, can be found here

Jeff's 58 Jeff's VW
VW Squarebacks and 1958 Chevy Bel Airs (2 door hardtop)

Everyone should drive cars like these. 
New! Finally I got around to posting
pictures of the restored '58.

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